Why Should You Vape Live Resin?

Live resin is a resin produced from marijuana flowers that have been preserved in their live state. Instead of being harvested, dried out, and cured like different other cannabis flowers, flowers for live resin are frozen as quickly as they’re delicately tweezed from the branch. They’re put in dry ice or dropped in liquid nitrogen, sealing them in the same state they were in while they were still attached to the plant and growing

Live resin flowers are kept frozen throughout the extraction procedure, preserving all of their valuable substances and terpenes. The completion effect is a resin as fresh as resin can get.

Why vape live resin?

Trying to vape live resin or applying heat directly to live resin defeats the entire purpose. A lighter is going to burn off all the terpenes before you have a chance to taste them. Do not reverse all that effort by placing live resin in a joint and burning it up.

Vape carts are convenient. You must hook your cart up to your battery and dial down your vape pen to avoid losing the resin. Every hit will be excellent and you don’t have to place a riches of belief into it. Your live resin is always waiting on you when you want one more hit– no complicated devices are required. It’s pure and tasty instant gratification.

How to choose the best live resin carts

The most effective method to find a live resin cart is to choose a cart made by a brand that primarily concentrates on live resin. All-inclusive cannabis brands may have rather good live resin cartridges, however, a special one is better than a supplement. The salad from your favorite pizza place possibly isn’t that great. The live resin from your favored dried flower brand may leave you wanting a lot more.


Bud’s specialty is fresh, never frozen live resin. Their flowers go directly from the plant to the resin extractor with no freezing action. This arguably makes them the best of the fresh. They promise that their cartridges are 100% pure live extracted marijuana without additives.

Flowers concentrate on one of the most prominent yummy strains. They’re concentrated on the top quality and taste experience of their products, and this becomes apparent at the first smoke. They taste a lot like their namesake. 


Timeless concentrate on quality cannabis, and they refer to using their products as “medicating”. They come close to marijuana from a clinical point of view however market it with a deluxe edge. You’ll see and feel the high-end ambiance in their line of carts.

Always buy your live resin carts from reliable stores and pick clear reputable brands. The calm leaf makes it easy to purchase the best live resin carts. We have a vast option of delicious and aromatic live resin products, and we can deliver them to your door in a few days. 

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