What Kind of Hhc Products Are Available on the Market?

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is among the 100+ hemp-derived cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant, albeit in trace concentrations. The cannabinoid is a THC hydrogen derivative, meaning that it has a molecular structure similar to delta 9 THC besides the dual bonds on THC’s cyclohexyl chain. Unlike delta 9 THC, which includes a dual carbon bond on the cyclohexyl chain, HHC attributes hydrogen molecules on its cyclohexyl chain, making it a hydrogenated kind of THC.

The hydrogen atoms in HHC modify delta 9 THC’s chemical structure, and the architectural change subsequently modifies delta HHC’s effects on the body similar to delta-9 THC. HHC and delta 9 THC are psychoactive compounds, creating impacts like ecstasy, physical and mental stimulation, transformed visual features and cognitive functions, and potent nociceptive tasks.

What Kind of HHC Products Are Available?

The chemical process used in making HHC industrial production possible is expensive because it uses costly catalysts. As a result, HHC is an uncommon cannabinoid because few marijuana brands can foot its production expenses. However, the chosen brands use a range of premium HHC products. You can find a variety of HHC products at D8 Super Store.

HHC Vape Cartridges/HHC Vapes

What is an HHC vape? HHC vapes include HHC carts, and disposable HHC vapes are preferred for their fast HHC delivery into the main blood circulation system, meaning the HHC kicks in under ten minutes. However, vapes from various brands vary in potency.

No matter, an HHC vape is easy to dose since you can count the variety of hits it takes a provided vape product to make you “high.” Moreover, the vapes are available in varied flavors, and some even include natural terpenes from popular cannabis strains.

HHC Edibles

HHC gummies are the most preferred HHC edibles in the market. Cannabis brands offering HHC products provide pleasant HHC gummies and sour sweets to match diverse customer tastes. The HHC edibles are also available in different HHC concentrations.


HHC oil is HHC distillate derived using hydrogenation, incorporated with carrier oils like hemp seed oil from hemp plants and MCT oil. The carrier oils enhance HHC’s transportation into your body system, enhancing bioavailability.

Depending on your intended usage, you can consume the oil by mouth or topically. However, the oil is not optimal for an HHC vape cartridge because it is denser than the vape juices used in vape carts.

HHC Pre-rolls

HHC pre-rolls contain pre-ground HHC flowers and make smoking the cannabinoid easier. They are available in different marijuana plant strains.

HHC Flower

The HHC cannabinoid occurs naturally yet in trace amounts, meaning HHC-dominant flowers do not exist in the natural type. However, different marijuana strains infused with HHC isolate are offered for usage. Consequently, HHC flowers incorporate cannabinoid properties with natural terpenes from particular cannabis strains for enhanced HHC advantages.