Things You Should Consider Buying Weed Bong Bowl

Before jumping into the different types of bowl products, you should first understand what weed bong bowls do. A bowl piece, also called a bong bowl or a slide, is an important part of pipe setup. Glass bong bowls are detachable pieces that match a bong’s joint found on top of the downstream. Bong bowls are developed to hold your dry herb or other smoking substances so it’s easy to burn. You need a bowl product that is suitable for your weed bong to work effectively. When smoking flowers, a marijuana enthusiast will spark the completely dry natural herb inside the Weed Bongs and inhale via the mouthpiece to draw the smoke down downstream and through the percolators and water.


When looking into alternatives and making a final purchase, these are the important things to keep an eye on assuring the bowl piece you choose is the perfect match:

Joint Sizes

Joint size is the main differentiator between types of bowl products and will help to narrow down the options from the start. Getting the wrong joint size and your bong bowl is pointless or you’ll need to invest more money on a bong adapter. The bowl joint size should coincide with the matching joint size of the bong it will be used with. One of the most common dimensions is 14mm and 18mm, nonetheless, some weed bongs have 10mm joints. 

Joint type

Along with joint size, you also need to keep in mind the joint type of your bong. Bowls and bongs are made in male or female design. Unlike the size of the joint which requires it to be the same, the joint type needs to be contrary to fit correctly. The majority of glassware is made with a female’s joint, which is compatible with a male bowl. However, some bongs have a male joint and require a female bowl. A female bowl will fit over a male joint and remain on top, while a male bong piece rests within the female joint.

Bong bowl material

Similar to bongs themselves, slides can be constructed of a variety of different products. The most preferred kinds of bong bowls you’ll find are:

  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Silicone
  • Wood
  • Ceramic

Design and style

When you have the joint size and type and know your choice when it comes to material, it’s time for the fun part, picking a design and style. This is really up to your preference and personality, but make sure that whatever bong bowl you pick is easy to light and remove. From custom bong slides in the shape of your favored sea creature to glass bowls created after your best collection, the options are endless so be sure to pick an extremely enjoyable and unique design.

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