Things You Need To Know About OG Kush Strain

The og kush is just one of the most popular selections of the marijuanan strains, an epic strain, preferred all over the world, and currently in record need in nations, its resin-packed buds costing extraordinary prices.

Much of this is because of its scrumptious lime and diesel flavor, together with its champion potency, making it a favored for numerous growers. 

The real definition of its name

There is a great deal of dispute over where this phrase came from. Some believe OG suggests “Ocean Grown”, while others assume it is an abbreviation of “Original gangster “. The term “Kush” typically describes a group of strains indigenous to Afghanistan and North Pakistan, near the Hindu Kush range of mountains. Because this region is understood for its pure Indica strains, the name OG Kush leads many to believe that this strain should go to least mainly Indica. OG Kush’s is composed of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa.

To ensure that’s where its taste comes from, right?

Its scent remains in equivalent components pungent and fresh, with pleasant notes, notes of focused citric acid and a touch of earthiness, diesel and flavors, strongly reminiscent of a barbecue, such a commonly flavor; numerous have compared this fragrance to that of a shot of lemon soap combined with the ashes of a summer season grilling session. An apparent taste which, together with the strain’s strain , describes its high cost.

The high! Truth or fiction?

According to tests carried out in laboratories OG Kush has up to 24% THC and 0.23% CBD. Its high is extreme, and strikes you instantly with a hefty, blissful psychological and physical buzz. Some define it as a thrill of power, while others locate the result to be sedating; all agree that it is so strong regarding being possibly incapacitating.

The bud doesn’t drop far from the tree: morphology

This is a very bushy plant, growing reduced with thick branching, yet with strong growth possibility which can lead some plants to mature to a maximum of 3 meters, and with hefty flowering, causing an abundance of buds. Fully grown flowers will certainly appear in large, thick collections, lime environment-friendly in color and loaded with resin. This being such a heavily branched plant, trimming and stressing the plant will certainly permit you to maximize your yield. This is also an optimal plant, from which you will be able to draw out a heap of duplicates.

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