The Benefits of Pineapple Express CBD Flower

The Pineapple Express cannabis strain got to celeb status in 2008 with the release of the action of the same name. The Pineapple Express strain is a bit different from the one portrayed in the movie.

Not unusual in the slightest, this plant is rather popular and can be found at a selection of dispensaries and also online stores throughout the world.

While the exact origins of the majority of marijuana strains can be hard to trace, this plant is a rumored offspring of the Trainwreck hybrid strain and is also Hawaiian.

Hawaiian is a Sativa plant which is a plant that did not come from Hawaii yet is expected to have developed adaptations to that particular environment over several generations.

A Pineapple Express CBD flower grown in one place may express considerably different attributes than plants identified as the same strain grown in another.

Medical Advantages of Pineapple Express

There’s more to Pineapple Express than high levels of THC. It is the interaction between cannabinoids like THC and the natural herb’s aroma molecules that give each plant its unique effects

To get an idea of what types of medical advantages the strain will provide, take a closer look at the plant’s smell. The fragrance particles produced by plants are called terpenes.

Laboratory testing will help you to identify precisely what terpenes the plant will create. Based on laboratory data, here are several of one of the most abundant terpenes in the Pineapple Express strain:

  1. Beta-caryophyllene

A few of the terpenes found in the marijuana plant might have more therapeutic possibilities than others. One of the most promising candidates is a pepper-scented terpene called beta-Caryophyllene (BCP). Distinct among terpenes, BCP acts like a cannabinoid in the body.

Cannabinoids are substances like THC and cannabidiol (CBD) that are developed by the cannabis plant. Like a cannabinoid, BCP connects with some of the same cell receptors as THC and CBD.

Rather, very early tests of this substance have found that it may have anxiolytic and also antidepressant effects. The substance may also have anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties.

  1. Myrcene

Among one of the most usual marijuana terpenes, myrcene is a sedative compound also found in lemongrass.

This substance might be responsible for the “couch-locking” effects found in some cannabis strains, as it has tranquilizing, hypnotic, and muscle relaxation properties.

The existence of myrcene in the Pineapple Express strain suggests that this plant might generate a slightly slow experience with some pain-relieving impacts.

  1. Limonene

While myrcene is sedative, limonene may have the opposite effects. Providing a different citrus aroma, this terpene is thought to have uplifting and active properties. Among one of the most bountiful terpenes in nature, limonene is an antioxidant with potential antidepressant and also cancer-preventative effects. In early research, limonene has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic effects.

Including high concentrations of limonene, the Pineapple Express marijuana strain might promote sensations of uplift and simplicity while also relieving inflammation and inflammatory pain.

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