How Long Do the Effects of CBD?

CBD is one of the few cannabinoids that have been studied in clinical trials in humans. These trials were done by GW Pharma in support of their FDA approval application for Epidiolex, GW’s CBD isolates formulation. Excellent data were developed on the absorption and the fate of orally administered CBD.

There is a huge food effect on the absorption of CBD from the stomach. In comparison to a group of fasting folks, people who had eaten a normal meal prior to ingesting CBD had a five-fold increase in CBD absorption. This is an amazingly large food effect. So, if you take CBD orally, make sure you take it with a meal.

If you take CBD with food, one can expect to see effects within an hour. If you take it fasting, there is a good chance the CBD oil won’t be absorbed until you eat.

The half-life of CBD in your blood is over 48h, so it stays in your system for at least a week post last dose.

Since the half-life is so long, repeated (daily or twice daily) dosing will result in higher blood concentrations over time, increasing the efficacy of the CBD. You can expect more effects after a week of daily dosing than on the first day.

So, the bottom line here is that you need a full stomach to adequately absorb orally ingested CBD.

Let me repeat: ingest CBD after/during a meal.

To avoid the food effect, try using one of our concentrated tinctures. By putting the medicine under your tongue, more about the CBD will be absorbed before it reaches your stomach. This is an effective way to get the CBD into your system quickly.

Cannabinoids in general are tricky to ingest orally. That’s why people smoke cannabis…

Find your best way to ingest your CBD… just put it under your tongue or make sure it includes food.

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Thanks for reading this post, I hope, this article has been helpful to you in maximizing the effects of CBD for health and wellness.