How Can Cannabis Packaging Create a Brand?

What do we mean by “the right” cannabis packaging? It should articulate what makes your brand the right choice. But it should also remain functional and focus on cultivating a holistic user experience. Here’s how to make your brand stand out with weed packaging.


First impressions matter and your exterior packaging is your customers’ first experience with your product. Things like logo, font, language, and texture all affect the feelings evoked when a customer looks at your product.

Legal cannabis branding has started to trend away from the more “stoner” images and is currently embracing a vibe of luxury and style. High-end cannabis packaging can be minimalistic, elegant, or fancy—but always made from noticeably high-quality materials.

Here are three trends in branding design and packaging that have taken hold in modern cannabis culture:

  • Minimalism
  • Focus on Health
  • Green in Color


Ethical and sustainable business practices are increasingly in demand. While the cannabis industry is growing exponentially, it is also producing a tremendous amount of waste from packaging. Many companies are working to solve this problem using recycled glass, plant-based plastics, reclaimed plastics, and other sustainable materials that contribute to a circular economy. Using eco-friendly packaging helps brands reach environmentally friendly consumers, but it also makes a big impact on the global problem we face.

Cannabis users are often looking for products with organic and natural ingredients grown with sustainable farming techniques. But they also care about reducing waste. 


Plastic containers and aluminum foil are all frequently used materials in cannabis packing. But nothing stands up to the effectiveness and aesthetic of glass jars for packing cannabis. Glass is airtight, smell-proof, and helps preserve potency. It’s great and prevents buds from drying up and becoming moldy.

Not only are plastic bags and containers hard to recycle, but they often carry a static charge that can pull trichomes away from the bud. Glass has a neutral charge that will allow precious trichomes to stay intact—plus it’s easy to recycle.

Glass is also great for showcasing the qualities of buds. Using glass jars ensures that they will maintain their shape and beautiful structure. Glass jars can allow edibles to be displayed visually while also protecting them, and work well for storing concentrates. They provide a high-end look that consumers associate with quality cannabis, and will last long after enjoying the product.

Are you ready to take your brands to the next level? We provide truly eco-friendly and custom weed packaging that aligns with your brand values.