Different types of cannabis seeds and Benefits of feminized Seeds

Cannabis Sativa L., commonly known as cannabis, is a plant that sexually reproduces by pollination of a female by a male. The outcome is the growth of seeds which have a genetic mix of both plants entailed. To start growing cannabis it is necessary to understand what kinds of cannabis seeds there are.

Within the various kinds of strains that can be found on the market, it’s important to separate in between feminized photoperiodic cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds, as this impacts their life cycle as well as their general needs.

Photoperiodic Seeds and Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabis plants require a good amount of light to grow and flower appropriately no matter the type of seed. There are autoflowering and feminized seeds, both of which require light to grow efficiently, although there are two main differences:

Feminized strains– grow and flower depending upon the amount of light they get.

Autoflowering strains– grow and flower no matter the light durations.

Photo-Periodic Cannabis Seeds

Photo-periodic cannabis plants can be either regular or feminized, although the most typical kind is feminized.

This sort of strain starts to flower once they have reached their grown-up stage and find a reduction in light hours. In indoor grows, you can easily control light periods; they require 10h light and 6h darkness throughout the growth period and 12h light/12h darkness to flower and remain flowering.

You can buy female plants and make your clones and cuttings while your other plants are under 18 still growing /6h light– if they stay this way they will never flower, although they do need upkeep.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are acquired by cross-pollinating the flowers on a female plant utilizing transformed male pollen. You can go across a changed male with a female of the same strain, or you can also cross it with a female of a different strain. If you cross the same strains, you’ll get more steady results.

Benefits of feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Enhanced efficiency: if your goal is to get cannabis flowers, and you’re growing feminized plants, you’re assured 100% female flowers and you won’t have to spend additional time removing male plants. 
  2. Better control over your plant size: feminized plants grow and flower according to the light they get. Feminized plants take about 30 days, generally, to reach their adulthood years if they’ve been offered the best conditions.
  3. High return: regardless of the return of each specific feminized plant (which is usually greater than autoflowering plants), you’ll be able to maximize your yield while managing the development and without having to remove male plants.

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