CBD – Use It as An Appetite Suppressant

A few companies are marketing their CBD-based product as an appetite suppressant and claiming that CBD has the potential as a supplement for weight loss. However, the question is whether it is just a marketing gimmick or there is any scientific backing to all such claims?

A study report was published in 2012 in Psychopharmacology, which had reported that CBD could affect the feeding patterns of rats, and it was found that CBD exposure indeed resulted in reduced appetite. It has therefore brought CBD into a new light as an appetite suppressant.

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Appetite vs hunger

When we talk about appetite then we mean the desire for eating food. On the other hand, hunger is the biological response of our body due to the shortage of food. These two words mean quite different from each other.

Anyone can have an appetite without being hungry too, and also vice versa. Generally, appetite is paired with a certain emotional feeling. For example, you may have a desire for a   cake or pizza just after smelling. It will be influenced by your psychological aspects like a desire to eat for your happiness, sadness, pleasure, and boredom, etc.

Hunger will occur when our body will notice that it will need more food, and hence it will send a signal to our brain for us to eat. The common hunger signs are:

  • Irritability.
  • Nausea.
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Rumbling of the stomach.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Emptiness in the stomach.

Can we use CBD as our appetite suppressant?

If we take CBD then it is going to interact with our CB1 receptors that are located in our brain, then it can have a certain regulatory effect. Hence, it could act either as an agonist or as an antagonist.

Generally, an agonist will try to bind to our neuroreceptors present in our brain for stimulating or promoting the production of chemicals and hormones in our body. While an antagonist has got the opposite effect, it will prevent or slow the hormones and chemical production.

As per the study made in 2007, CBD generally will act as an antagonist against the CB1 receptors. There are a few instances where eating excessively becomes a matter of concern, and CBD may support reducing ghrelin production.

Therefore, it will help in feeling hunger. Also, it may increase the production of chemicals that will be released to tell our body that it is full. This kind of process can significantly reduce our appetite.

In 2018, another study reported that CB1 receptor antagonists can help reducing appetite suppressant, and also control obesity by either blocking off or just deactivating the receptor. CBD doesn’t deactivate our CB1 receptors directly, but can influence other molecules. Shutting off all these receptors can suppress appetite.

Therefore, it’s now important to be clear that plenty of evidence suggests that CBD may be effective as an appetite suppressant, but no direct clinical studies were done to prove that CBD reduces appetite in humans.